Gralemn Junior wooden furniture maker

SC Gralemn Junior SRL has started in 1991.

Activity domain: Carpentry – furniture making.

We make any type of furniture, at customer's order.

We use the lastest technologies of woodworking domain.

TradeMark: built in time, with professionalism, by interdisciplinary teams, by specialists in domain, puts his stamp on everything made under the name SC GRALEMN JUNIOR SRL.

Our target is to produce confortable and good quality furniture, for various customers. We make furniture from resinous wood, poplar, fir, MDF for: living, kitchen, office, children.

Principles like: Quality of products and Delivery time are fundamentals and stay at the base of our cooperation with customers.

We have also trucks for transport, intern and international.

After a 15 years activity, we are more wisdome and more powerfull, our products are strong and have good quality. We have the potential to make any need for your house.

Cooperate with us and you will earn time and save money. Our prices are decent for everyone.

We invite you to visit us, to make sure that a cooperation is suitable for you.